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HANS III - 30 degree
HANS III – 30 degree

30-degree version of the popular HANS III.

Lightweight composite construction for laydown seats or larger drivers in upright seats.


The HANS 30 degree HANS III is manufactured in the USA by HANS a Simpson Company and specifically addresses laydown or high angle seating for Indy Car, USF2000, Pro Mazda, Indy Lights, F1 and other open cockpit racing. The HANS III allows for easy entry and exit from the race car, even smaller tighter vehicles. The sliding tethers offer exceptional visibility.

Each HANS Device is sold complete with two anchors (enough for one helmet) and matching tether. Select standard button style (left) or Quick Click system with red pull string.

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Front Axle Tether System
Front Axle Tether System
 Approved for use in World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series.
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BUTLER Torque Ball Shield and Mounting Brackets
Torque Ball Shield
  • Constructed using multiple layers of ballistic Kevlar
  • Protects driver’s feet and legs from injury during catastrophic driveline failure
  • Easy installation. No fabrication required
  • Mounts to bellhousing
  • Easily removed for quick torque tube servicing
  • Mounting brackets and bolts included.
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Kingpin Tether System (Original version shown)
Kingpin-to-Kingpin Tether System
Integrates with BUTLERBUILT Front Axle Tethers.
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Center Double Leg Protector
Center Double Leg Brace
  • Supports and protects legs using soft tissue of inner thighs….not knee joints.
  • Energy impact foam with flame retardant upholstery
  • Easily attaches with supplied dzus buttons.
  • Includes foam padding on each side.
  • *Can be powder coated same color as seat.
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Torque Tube Pad
Torque Tube Pad

Several years ago BUTLERBUILT introduced a newly tooled purpose-built torque tube pad to protect drivers’ feet and ankles in the event of a crash.

Made using the family of energy-absorbing foams as used in BUTLER’S speedway seating systems, this pad is flame-retardant and resists oil, fuel and water. Quick-release straps allow for fast service of torque ball and all driveline components.

If you have ever banged your ankle on a bare torque tube you will immediately know this is a “must have” addition to your car!

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