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EIS SFI Seat Insert Pour Kit for racecar seat
EIS / SFI 45.2 Custom Molded Seat Insert Pour Kit

Two-part chemical SFI 45.2 Seat Insert Pour Kit. EIS W50 SFI 45.2 Approved Foam.

Kit includes Instructions, Part A and B Liquid Foam, Regular Bag, Mixer, Black Gaffers Tape, White Double-sided Tape, 1/4″ Sheet of Foam for base, 3M Super 77 adhesive and 1/2-yard Carbon-X fire-resistant material for covering completed insert.

EIS has been continuously and thoroughly tested to meet impact and flammability standards to conform to SFI 45.2 specifications.

No vacuum pump needed.

EIS starts as a liquid, expands, and forms like a glove to the crevices and curvatures of driver’s body.

Foam cures in approximately five minutes. Pull from bag, trim and wrap and you have a custom molded seat insert in hours or less!

This product is tested and proven for decades by the best racecar drivers in world. Made in USA in Mooresville, NC. When ordering from Gary’s, new, fresh chemicals are shipped every time! Upon an order on our website, we place an order with the factory, pick up immediately when ready, and ship to you! (Allow 2-3 business days ship time from order being placed).

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