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Seat Insert Pour – Complete Kit
Seat Insert Pour – Complete Kit

ButlerBuilt E-Z SERT POUR-IN-PLACE Urethane kits are specially designed to support lower back, pelvis and thighs. Creates a molded shape of your body that allows impact forces to spread equally over more area. Kits include everything needed for complete pour including MaxGard flame-retardant upholstery.

Small size (BBP-2072-M) is enough for sprint car and most other seat applications.

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Front Axle Tether System
Front Axle Tether System
 Approved for use in World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series.
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BUTLER Torque Ball Shield and Mounting Brackets
Torque Ball Shield
  • Constructed using multiple layers of ballistic Kevlar
  • Protects driver’s feet and legs from injury during catastrophic driveline failure
  • Easy installation. No fabrication required
  • Mounts to bellhousing
  • Easily removed for quick torque tube servicing
  • Mounting brackets and bolts included.
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Kingpin Tether System (Original version shown)
Kingpin-to-Kingpin Tether System
Integrates with BUTLERBUILT Front Axle Tethers.
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Center Double Leg Protector
Center Double Leg Brace
  • Supports and protects legs using soft tissue of inner thighs….not knee joints.
  • Energy impact foam with flame retardant upholstery
  • Easily attaches with supplied dzus buttons.
  • Includes foam padding on each side.
  • *Can be powder coated same color as seat.
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Torque Tube Pad
Torque Tube Pad

Several years ago BUTLERBUILT introduced a newly tooled purpose-built torque tube pad to protect drivers’ feet and ankles in the event of a crash.

Made using the family of energy-absorbing foams as used in BUTLER’S speedway seating systems, this pad is flame-retardant and resists oil, fuel and water. Quick-release straps allow for fast service of torque ball and all driveline components.

If you have ever banged your ankle on a bare torque tube you will immediately know this is a “must have” addition to your car!

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